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Granularity is no longer an option:  It’s a necessity.  See how far you can go with Singular Stack


If you’re an experienced mobile marketer you know that getting clicks, conversions, installs and CPI is just the start on the road to understanding the performance of your ad campaigns.  Ultimately,  the metric you’re really after is ROI (or some industry-specific proxy that gives you a ratio of spend to return).   ROI really tells you what matters most:  what was the gain I obtained from investing to acquire a user on a specific ad network or campaign.    

The magic of Singular Analytics (our core product) is that by unifying all your data in one place (cost and revenue) we make it much easier for you to derive ROI no matter how many sources of traffic you use.  

The challenge for today’s mobile marketers is that as competition heats up and the cost of acquiring users increases, you need to get more and more granular to identify pockets of high value users that might be too expensive on larger, more established networks.  Understanding the ROI across OS’s, countries and ad networks is no longer enough.   You need to go even deeper.


Deeper down the rabbit hole –  say hello to granularity


So we all would like to have better insights and dig as deeply as we can to better understand what’s working but let’s face it:  getting granular is HARD.  

The reality is that if you want to really dig deep and understand ROI at a campaign or user level across networks, geographies and demographics the technology simply hasn’t been there.

Over the past 3 years of working with some of the smartest mobile marketers in the industry, we’ve found that one thing holds true: granularity matters. As markets become more competitive, marketers need to dig deeper into the data to get better insights and in turn get better answers. If you dig deep enough there are many optimization opportunities that are simply do not surface at the aggregate level.

Until now mobile analytics technologies were simply not good enough to handle the kind of granular analysis marketers needed. This is why we’ve created the Singular Stack.

What is Singular Stack?

Singular Stack is a collection of next-gen mobile analytics software components that unify, store and analyze your mobile marketing data at the most granular level possible.  This includes linking together user profiles, in-app events, attribution data, campaign, creative and sub-publisher data, organic traffic data, as well as demographic and geographic information.

By unifying all your data in one place we can give you an unprecedented level of depth that was simply not accessible before. It’s all simply there.  In one place.  Available anytime and anywhere you’re online.  


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Granular ROI / Campaign Level Data

With Singular Stack you can really drill down into your data.  Tapping into the stack allows you to analyze your data right down to the campaign and sub-campaign level regardless of what ad network you’re using (this isn’t something you can do currently using Singular Analytics).  Using Singular Stack you can get campaign level data for all your ad spend, in-app revenue, ROI or any other KPI your marketing team is using to track performance.

So, for example, if you wanted to compare how two different mobile video campaigns targeting IOS users between the ages of 18-35 are performing on two different networks, you could do that. You could analyze the same video campaign targeting Android users to compare how 18-35 men compare to 18-35 women.  It’s that simple.  Singular Stack is your single, all purpose database, managed by us,  to dig into your data when you want, how you want.  



Creative ROI

Measuring the efficiency of creative units on Singular is nothing new.  Up until now you’ve already been able to optimize your creatives using Singular Analytics (our core product) and mostly focus on click through rates (CTR) and/or conversion rates (CVR).

Using Singular Stack you can now measure the full performance funnel of your Creatives, including being able to see ROI or other KPIs at the creative level. What that translates into is an ability to optimize on the actual metrics that are important for your business (i.e. ROI /other revenue generating proxies) versus directional metrics such as CTR and CVR (see our previous post on why this is important).  

Sub-publisher ROI

Have you ever run campaigns on ad networks and been left wondering which sub publishers are performing better than others?  Although many ad networks don’t share sub publisher data with you, it’s still technically feasible for you to get this data.  The challenge is the insane amount of time needed to collect, normalize and analyze the data to get any meaningful information out of it.  

Singular Stack provides you with data at the Sub Publisher level so you can see the ROI of an individual sub-publisher and optimize your campaigns accordingly.  Better yet, you will then be able to use this information to whitelist some sub publishers while blacklisting others, or even bid differently at the sub publisher level.  When you have granular data, the choices are infinite.  Stay tuned for more information on this topic.  



Custom Labels

Custom labels allows you to label customers in a manner that is unique and relevant to your product and consumer segmentation and then use that label across all your mobile marketing analysis on Singular. For example, assume that you have a shopping application and that a core part of your demographic is college students.  You also know that among college students there are different behavior patterns based on where these students go to school.  You could label these cohorts based on different schools according to unique information that only your product has and then run custom reports to answer questions such as “What is the average Cost of Acquisition for students in different schools?” or “What is my ROI on students from this school compared to students from another school?” or “Which of my creative ad units resonates best with students from different schools (using our Creative ROI feature)?”



Custom Cohorts

Although some marketing folks are happy with 1D, 7D, 14D and 30D cohort periods, we recognize that this doesn’t work for everyone.  You might, for example, need to look at a 5D cohort if for some reason you ran a very short, highly targeted promotion during the holiday season or you may want to have a cohort that is closer to 92 days to simulate an entire business “quarter”.  Singular Stack gives you the flexibility to customize your cohorts to better suit your needs.



Custom KPI’s

Singular recognizes that every business is different and many industries have their own set of unique, industry-specific key performance indicators or metrics.  Singular Stack allows you to customize those KPI’s and use them throughout the Stack.  So, for example, if you have a taxi-hailing app, you may want to know “Cost of Acquisition Per Ride” or if you’re retailer you may want to know “Cost-Per-Shopping-Basket”.  Similarly, a games company might want to know “Cost-Per-Completed-Tutorial” as a way to really know if the user not only installed the game but also completed the onboarding process necessary to play the game.  




Parting words


Singular Stack adds an amazing amount of granularity on top of our core Singular Analytics platform. With Singular Stack we’re pushing far beyond the boundaries of existing marketing analytics technology. We’ve built a next generation suite of mobile analytics tools which will give you unparalleled ROI data on your users and allow you to measure your mobile marketing in an entirely new way.   


Singular Stack is available as a free upgrade for existing Singular customers.  If you’re a Singular customer please reach out to your respective customer success rep.  For new customers please request a trial by filling out our contact form on Happy Holidays and don’t forget to get granular!


Patrick “Mad” Mork – The Marketing Guy @Singular


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