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Granularity is no longer an option:  It’s a necessity.  See how far you can go with Singular Stack


If you’re an experienced mobile marketer you know that getting clicks, conversions, installs and CPI is just the start on the road to understanding the performance of your ad campaigns.  Ultimately,  the metric you’re really after is ROI (or some industry-specific proxy that gives you a ratio of spend to return).   ROI really tells you what matters most:  what was the gain I obtained from investing to acquire a user on a specific ad network or campaign.    

The magic of Singular Analytics (our core product) is that by unifying all your data in one place (cost and revenue) we make it much easier for you to derive ROI no matter how many sources of traffic you use.  

The challenge for today’s mobile marketers is that as competition heats up and the cost of acquiring users increases, you need to get more and more granular to identify pockets of high value users that might be too expensive on larger, more established networks.  Understanding the ROI across OS’s, countries and ad networks is no longer enough.   You need to go even deeper. Continue reading Surviving a Hyper-Competitive Mobile Install Market

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